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Fast & Easier With ENERGY Hypnosis

JumpStart Your Weight Loss

  • Get a weight loss jumpstart
  • Get super motivated
  • Relief from desires and cravings
  • Become confident & excited
  • Listen to free mp3 tracks
  • Have a Plan of Action
  • Help when you need it

Imagine all the benefits of losing weight. How much healthy you will be, have more energy, and look so much better. Hypnosis will make it so much easier for you to lose weight. Private sessions, group sessions, and Workshops. Everyone is welcome.

Get Moving and Be Happier

  • Reach Goals
  • Stress Relief
  • Exercise & Get Fit
  • Build a Business
  • Confidence & Motivation
  • College & Career
  • Positive Thinking + more

Hypnosis works fast so you make amazing progress right away. It's also very relaxing and safe. You can also take an imaginary trip to Maui or anywhere you want. You can also wish upon a star. Most changes can be made in 1-4 sessions. Everyone is welcome. 

Quit Smoking and Be Healthier

  • Become healthier
  • Have more energy
  • Easier to breathe
  • You smell better
  • Cravings are gone
  • You can be more social
  • Save money

It's amazing how fast and easy it is to quit smoking with Hypnosis. Smoking becomes something you did in the past and you are now free and you wake up without any thoughts or desires to smoke. It takes 1-3 sessions depending on how ready you are or try one of my Workshops. Everyone welcome.

Have The Body You Want - Lose weight


It Works With Other Weight Loss Programs

The Workshop and private sessions are meant to be the mental part of losing weight which means you lose weight fast and easier making them a supplement to any other Weight Loss Program you want to use or you can lose weight on your own. 

Weight Loss Formula

Hypnosis deals with the mental part of losing weight: motivation, reducing desires to eat, confidence, inspiration, energy, and staying on track to your goal. You will wake up each day excited about losing weight.

Mental Part + Eat Less = Fast and Easier Weight Loss

What's Different About Energy Hypnosis?

Energy Hypnosis adds a new dimension to Hypnosis with a focus on building strength and energy so you can make the changes you want fast and easier. 

Private Sessions, Group Sessions, Workshops

Private - Everything tailored to your individual needs. Weight Loss Group Session - Get a burst of super motivation, confidence and inspiration with 2 group Hypnosis sessions. Workshops - Teach self hypnosis and other skills to lose weight.  The main event is 6 group Hypnosis sessions focused on Weight Loss or Quit Smoking. You can come in whenever you want. Everyone is welcome.

How Does The First Session Work?

At the first session we discuss the change you want to make and how Hypnosis can help. Next we have a brief lecture on how Hypnosis works and this is followed by a 10 minute warmup hypnosis so you can find out all about hypnosis. Next we do written exercises, learn self hypnosis and develop an Action Plan. Next we go into hypnosis for about 20 minutes and start making the changes you want. You will get results at your first session.

At the end of your first session, workshop, or group you will receive a free flash drive with the Workbooks and mp3 audio tracks which include Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Reach Your Goal, Stress, Positive Thinking and  Hypnosis.

Can I Be Hypnotized?

Yes almost everyone can be hypnotized. It's just a matter of some people go deeper quicker and some people take more time. What's good is that you can get results at all levels of hypnosis. If you can not be hypnotized, or you realize this isn't for you, or for any other reason there will be no charge.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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