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Hypnosis makes it easier

Easier Weight Loss

Stay Motivated + Stop Cravings 

Equals Easier Weight Loss.

Imagine going to private sessions or a Workshop and walking out super motivated, confident, with your desires to eat junk or overeat greatly reduced and a plan of action. Would this make it easier for you to lose weight? Easier sounds good to me. Energy Hypnosis will make this happen for you. You will walk out ready to lose weight. 

Why Use Hypnosis?

Hypnosis works fast which means you make amazing progress right away and get started on losing weight at the first session. You receive positive suggestions to get you super motivated. It reduces the cravings and desires so far that you can easily brush them aside. It's also very relaxing and safe. You can also take an imaginary trip to Maui or anywhere you want. You can also wish upon a star. 

Most changes take 1-4 sessions.

Get A JumpStart

Stuck? Need to get started on losing weight, studying for a Math exam, or whatever changes you want to make? Energy Hypnosis will give you a mental JumpStart and get you moving toward your goal. You will get motivated, confident, able to overcome any obstacles and reach your goals the easier way. You will reach your goal fast & easier with many taking only 1-2 sessions and others 3-4. Further sessions are available.

Have The Body You Want

It Works With Other Weight Loss Programs

The Workshop and private sessions are meant to be the mental part of losing weight which means you lose weight easier. You can use any Weight Loss Program you want or lose weight on your own. 

Workbook and mp3 audio tracks

At the Workshop and private sessions you will receive a thumb drive with my Weight Loss Workbook and mp3 audio tracks at no charge. They will also contain the Workbooks and audio tracks for 'Quit Smoking' and 'Reach Your Goal'. You can also listen to the audio tracks on your phone from my blog. 

Weight Loss Formula

Hypnosis deals with the mental part of losing weight: motivation, reducing desires to eat, confidence, inspiration, and staying on track to your goal. 

Mental Part + Eat Less = Easier Weight Loss

Private Sessions

Everything tailored to your individual needs. You will go into Hypnosis 3 times each session starting with the first session which means you will get amazing results right away. Weight Loss usually takes 1-4 sessions.  Special first session 50% off.

Quit Smoking

Hypnosis is the fastest and easiest way to quit smoking. It greatly reduces the withdrawals which makes it easier to quit. It increases your motivation and confidence. Smoking becomes something you did in the past and now you are a nonsmoker. Call for a free consultation.

Help For More Areas

Get fit, quit smoking, reach goals, stress, exercise, starting business, eat healthy, confidence, motivation, positive thinking, sports, college, career and more areas. Call or email to see if I can help.

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