About the hypnotist


My Beliefs

My purpose is to help you get amazing results with Hypnosis so you can lose weight, quit smoking, reach goals, and make changes fast & easier. I believe that this can happen for you. I believe you can have a better life with more joy, energy and peace. You can be happier.

My Bio

I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I was on the wrestling team in high school. I went to the University of Michigan and got a BS in Math with a minor in Physics 1968. I worked a summer during college in a Ford auto plant cutting pinion gears. After college I was drafted and spent my army time in Germany and then I moved to California. 

Why Hypnosis

In 1982 I went to a Hypnotist to quit smoking and I quit in one session with very little withdrawals. I saw the potential to help people make changes in their life and that I could use it in my life.

Hypnosis History

I became a Hypnotherapist in 1983. I continued to work at my regular job and did Hypnosis on a limited basis. I spent the years developing my own ideas on how to lose weight and other changes. See my blog for my results. I retired in 2012 and starting in 2019 I am now ready and eager to help you have a better life.


I am a Hypnotherapist certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners however I think of myself as a Hypnotist which is what we were called when I was young. I am also qualified in Reiki and EFT having studied at HCH Institute in Lafayette CA. Over the last year I have taken many courses to get ready to use Hypnosis again.

Personal Weight Loss

In 2010 I was 56 pounds overweight and hated it. I had doubts, fears, and I was 64 years old. Over 18 months I lost the weight and developed my Weight Loss Workbook and mp3 tracks.