Questions & Answers


Will Hypnosis Work For Me?

Most people get amazing results. Some people have doubts about whether it will work because they have never tried it and this is why I offer the first session at half price so you can come in and try it for yourself. Try it for only $60. Discover Hypnosis at my Workshop April 4.

Can I Be Hypnotized?

Almost everybody can be hypnotized. I first do a warmup hypnosis with you so you can get a feeling for how it works and how relaxing it is. You can go into Hypnosis at your own pace. If you can't be hypnotized there will be no charge for the session. You can learn how it works, try it, and get amazing results at a 'Discover Hypnosis Workshop April 4. 

How Many Does It Take?

It usually takes 1-4 private sessions for most areas, for example quit smoking takes 1-3 sessions. It depends on how ready you are to make the change and what is holding you back. Workshops accelerate your progress and in many cases may be enough. Come in for one session at half price for only $60 and get results right away or come in for a Workshop at $75. Afterwards you can decide if you want another session and make an appointment then or you can go home to see what results you get and make an appointment anytime you want. Call, text, email, and for Workshops you can sign up at the Home page.

Do You Have A Free Consultation?

Yes. you can have a free phone consultation and the first 30 minutes of a session, group, or Workshop is free so you can decide whether to continue or that this is not for you. The fee is collected at the end making it easy for you to leave or continue. I also have a guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied or you don't get the results you want your money will be refunded. 

How Much Do I Have To Invest?

Hypnosis works fast which means you get amazing results starting at the first session. A private session lasts 60 minutes for $120 and the first session which lasts 75 minutes is 50% off for only $60. The Discover Hypnosis Workshop is Feb 29 and $50. The Quit Smoking and Weight Loss Workshops lasts 150 minutes and cost only $75. For Weight Loss you could have a private session and a Workshop for only $135 which for many people will be enough. I take cash, check, visa/mc and I also have a sliding scale.

Will I Quack Like a Duck?

No. In Stage Hypnosis the Hypnotist chooses the people who will go into a deep trance right away and has them do things like quack like a duck. I will not have you quack like a duck or anything like that as this isn't a part of getting the results you want  You will not do anything that harms you in any way. Quacking like a duck does no harm to you and is fun.