MP3 Audio Tracks

I love listening to my audio track and I have 2 types. The 'outloud' tracks keep you in normal consciousness so you can listen to when your are making your bed and many other activities. The 'relax' tracks which take you into self hypnosis you can listen to while sitting in a recliner or taking a break. They are short 2-10 minutes so you can listen most anytime anywhere. At a session or workshop you will receive a thumb drive with the tracks on them. You can listen to them on your phone from my blog. Quit smoking, weight loss, reach goals, and stress. Click here for Weight Loss tracks.


Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Stress, Goals

My Workbooks have step-by-step self hypnosis exercises to make it easier to lose weight, quit smoking, reach a goal, stress relief. At a private session or workshop you will receive a free flash drive with the mp3 tracks and Workbooks on it. You can also get amazing results just doing them online. At my blog:


Daily Weight Loss Tips

You can receive daily weight loss tips from my google page or on my facebook page: